Town Council aka Town Board

The Job:

The Town Council is the legislative authority and governing body of Southold Town. The Town Council oversees the town operations, establishes policy and procedures, and reviews and adopts town laws and ordinances. The Town Council adopts a budget, fixes the salaries of town officers and employees and establishes rules of board procedure. The Town Council generally fills vacancies in town offices, elective or appointive; may select a town attorney and a town engineer; appoints constables or police officers; and provides for the hiring of other employees as necessary for the conduct of the town’s business. Certain highway employees are hired by the highway superintendent, but within appropriations authorized by the town board.

The functions of the Town Council are numerous.  If you are interested in learning more about all of their responsibilities, most of the functions and general powers of the town board are set forth in the Town Law, and other statutes such as the General Municipal Law, the Highway Law, the Education Law, the Agriculture and Markets Law, and the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law. In addition, town boards may adopt local laws pursuant to the home rule powers granted by Article 9 of the State Constitution and the Municipal Home Rule Law.

The District: Southold Town encompasses Orient, East Marion, Greenport, Greenport West, Fishers Island, Southold, Peconic, Laurel, Cutchogue, and Mattituck.

The Open Seats: Two incumbents (Jim Dinizio and Bob Ghosio) are retiring this election cycle which leaves 2 open seats.

Election Day: November 2, 2021

Our Candidates: 

Greg Doroski

Brian Mealy