Meet the Slate!

Brian O. Mealy

For Town Council

Greg Doroski

For Town Council

Candace Hall

For Town Clerk

Dan Goodwin

For Highway Superintendent

Elizabeth Peeples

For Trustee

Eric Sepenoski

For Trustee

Liz Gillooly

For Trustee


November 2, 2021








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What We Share

Each of us is running an individual campaign, but we’re also running together as a team. We believe if you elect all of us, we’ll be able to accomplish more than any one of us could on our own.

Here are some of the values we share as a team:

A vision that values the community connection and natural beauty of the North Fork.

A belief in hard work, a knowledge of business, and a commitment to serve our community.

An interest in preserving our environment, water, and open spaces.


A promise to bring transparency and civility to our elected positions.

The 2021 election is incredibly important to all of us. We have a chance to bring in some fresh perspective with thoughtful, talented, and energetic candidates. Your support means the world to us, how ever you can help, please do.